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Lore's products and services use artificial intelligence to automate and enhance your business.
They are all built on the same core technology, allowing them to easily integrate with each other.


Everyone is talking about the transformative power of AI and how it will revolutionize the economy, but what does that mean for your business and how do you get started?

How do you get past the hype and learn how machine learning and automation can improve your workplace efficiency and bottom line?

Every business has different needs, and often the hardest part of a digital transformation is taking stock of what processes and data are already in place, and then defining a path forward.

We offer end-to-end solutions beginning with training and evaluation, all the way up to implementing and integrating existing or bespoke AI solutions into your business.

With extensive experience in every part of this process, we are able to implement tailored business intelligence and knowledge management solutions for customers with diverse requirements.

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Our platform adds layer upon layer of intelligence to your content, making our products capable of quickly adjusting and adapting to your needs.


    Depth & Context

    Links internal and external structured data to your unstructured content for deeper insights.


    Stop Searching, Start Discovering

    Adds a rich layer of links and labels to all your text, providing powerful and informative contextual connections. Our system extends keyword searches intelligently and automatically. Use concepts and properties of people, places, and organizations to find what you're looking for.


    Tagging & Classification

    Automatically labels paragraphs or arbitrary sections of a document with their topic. Discover topics from the text or use your own tags and match the relvant text.


    Predictive Text Retrieval &
    Information Extraction

    Our models use complex features derived from the text to understand segments selected by users. We combine this with machine learning to predict how different sections of brand-new, unseen documents should be classified, saving you hours of hunting through documents to find what you're looking for.

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We are constantly tuning and enhancing our proprietary algorithms to better satisfy our customers' needs.

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Core Team

Our small team combines extensive business experience with a strong research background.

Hedeer El Showk

Co-founder, CEO

Sheer El Showk

Co-founder, CTO

Nathan Jahncke

Chief Data Engineer

Hanna Thorsteinsdottir

Business Development

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