Meet Electra, an intelligent agent built to answer questions about your business.

  • Can handle both internal and external support.
  • Uses AI to match incoming questions to FAQ content.
  • Plugs into your DB for simple data visualization.
  • Integrates with your help desk and ticketing system.
  • Escalates & routes unanswered questions.
  • Provides support insights via Analytics Dashboard.

Electra reads your FAQs, support tickets, and emails, and then provides your customers with answers in the form of a friendly bot!

How can Electra help?

Electra is your first responder for common support issues.

Using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence, Electra provides immediate assistance for common inquiries based on her ever-growing knowledge base.

Electra can read FAQs, support tickets, emails, and more to develop a deep understanding of your business and the people that support it.

  • Answer questions posed in natural language with entries from your FAQ or Knowledge Base.
  • Pinpoint relevant experts in your organization based on questions they've answered, their job description, and their CV.
  • Visualize and interact with your data or APIs over multiple channels.

Batteries Included

Upload your FAQ and Electra can start right away!


Electra is available on over a dozen messaging platforms! Wherever your customers go, Electra will be there.

Built-in Intelligence

Electra comes with many useful modules such as chitchat and QA-matching, allowing you to get started immediately.

Keen to Learn

Electra encourages users to give her helpful feedback by rephrasing questions or telling her when she's wrong, so she just keeps getting smarter!

Admin Dashboard

Review unanswered questions and manage Electra's behavior through an intuitive web interface.

Analytics Dashboard:

  • Manage question/answer pairs, knowledge base, and user interactions.
  • Review unanswered questions grouped by similarity and sorted by popularity.
  • View chat logs and trends in questions to derive insights and identify problem points.
  • Configure Electra's behavior, including plugins to various APIs and data sources.

Let's Get Started!