Smart Highlighting

With Salient, you no longer need to waste time on the repetitive aspects of discovery, be it legal, academic or regulatory. We'll do that, freeing you to focus on analysing and synthesizing the results.

Some things just can't be found by looking for words or phrases. Perhaps you're interested in specific types of legal clauses in your contracts, or you're trying to find sentences expressing particular kinds of events, relationships or ideas.

Smart Highlighters automate away the tedium of poring through hundreds of pages to find what you need. They learn by example from the sentences you highlight, and very quickly they start finding and extracting any relevant phrases from across all your documents, saving you countless hours.

From Text to Tables with Patterns

Unlock the knowledge in your text and instantly generate tables summarizing information from hundreds or thousands of documents.

Finding the right phrases and sentences isn't enough; you often also need to extract structured information from them.

Patterns saves you hours of copying and pasting by letting you extract precisely the information you need and storing it in tabular form. Patterns are specified using a simple, intuitive query language and, like Smart Highlighters, they also learn from your feedback and improve over time.

Scalable Intelligence

Stop wasting time filtering out the irrelevant and skip immediately to the content that matters.

Each new Highlighter or Pattern created and trained by your analysts becomes part of the collective wisdom of your team. Each tool encodes an aspect of your analysts' expertise in a reproducable, consistent, and scalable way.

Salient uses our proprietary Natural Language technology to understand the grammar and language of your documents. It has a deep understanding of language, allowing it to determine the relationship between the terms and concepts in each sentence, making it extremely effective at identifying exactly what you're looking for.