Automated Contract Labeling & Analysis

Save time

Manage risk

Cut costs

Gain visibility


Your contracts in one secure, accessible repository (on-site or in the cloud).


Label contracts with standard terms and clauses automatically extracted by Salient.


Find clauses & contracts by keyword, type or even similarity to a sample.


Train bespoke term or clause extractors by labeling a few examples.


Publish reports or export labels to SharePoint or your CMS.

Your contracts, your data, your way!

  • Salient learns from your contracts and your team so data extraction & labeling can be tuned and improved to meet your needs.
  • Salient comes with powerful APIs and connectors so your IT team can integrate it into any internal workflows or processes.
  • Salient runs on-premise or on private, secure cloud servers so your data is always under your control.

Machine Augmented Review

Read & review contracts in Salient's rich, user-friendly interface.

  • Label contracts in seconds, not minutes, using automated key terms & clause extraction.
  • Build extraction templates from an extensive library of key terms & clauses.
  • Quickly find similar documents & clauses using semantic similarity detection.

Bespoke Extractions & Labels

Does your organization have specific contract language or specialized terms you want to extract? No problem!

  • Easily create and train new labels & extractions.
  • Learning is quick and interactive.
  • Your data is your own: all learning happens on your server & is not shared with others.

Legacy Contract Migration

Salient is designed to help you manage, migrate and label thousands of contracts.

  • Quickly review extractions and labels on multiple contracts in a compact view.
  • Export results in a report or sync them to an external contract or document management system.

Semantic Search

Salient analyses the language of your contracts and builds a semantic index allowing you to go beyond keyword searches.

  • Semantic search extends search with synonyms and related terms in any language.
  • Find clauses or contracts based on rich, complex criteria (type, presence of monetary amounts, concepts).
  • Surface similar clauses or documents based on similarity to a sample.

Powerful Visualizations & Analytics

Salient's understanding of language allows it to label & cross-reference names of organizations, countries and even people, letting you dig deeper and better manage your contracts and obligations.